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martedì 21 aprile 2015

Ganoderma May Help Reduce Cholesterol

Cardiovascular disease has been called an epidemic of sorts in North America and Europe. Not surprising when you consider a typical North American lifestyle of not enough physical activity, diet high in saturated fats, and fast paced living driving up stress levels.

Even though the National Center for Health Statistics reported Americans average total cholesterol has dropped substantially from 1978 - 1990, the American Heart Association has reported 98.1 million adult Americans still have borderline high blood cholesterol levels and this puts them at greater risk of developing Cardiovascular disease.

Elevated cholesterol levels are one of the major risk factors identified by the American Heart Association in the development of Cardiovascular disease which is the number one killer in North America and Europe. We need to reduce cholesterol levels.

Adenosine which is found in Ganoderma lucidium helped to reduce cholesterol
This number one rated herb in Traditional Chinese Medicine has many potent healing properties. One being that it may help reduce cholesterol and or may help the liver in suppressing its production.

Researchers from the Beijing College of Traditional Chinese Medicine found that Adenosine which is found in Ganoderma lucidium helped to reduce cholesterol in their studies.

Researchers at the Nestle Research Center in Switzerland called Ganoderma lucidium "a renowed medicinal species". In their study on hamsters and minipigs, oxgenated lanosterol derived from Ganoderma lucidium "inhibited cholesterol synthesis".

With hamsters it was able to reduce cholesterol (total) by 9.8% and HDL levels by 11.2%.
In minipigs the oxygenated lanosterol derived from the mushroom Ganoderma lucidium was able to reduce cholesterol (total) by 20%, LDL by 27%, and HDL by 18%.

The researchers conclusion was that Ganoderma "has the potential to reduce LDL cholesterol in vivo (inside the body) through various mechanisms... innovative new cholesterol lowering foods and medicines containing Gl (Ganoderma lucidium) are envisioned."

Peter Arnold

Depression and ganoderma lucidum

Signs of Depression:
Many people suffer from depression without being aware of it. Here is a short checklist of the symptoms of depression:

Sadness throughout the day, nearly every day
Loss of interest in or enjoyment of your favorite activities
Excessive or inappropriate feelings of guilt or worthlessness
Thoughts of death or suicide
Change in appetite or weight
Trouble concentrating
Fatigue or lack of energy
Sleeping too much or too little
Feelings of restlessness or slowness in speech, thought, or action
Along with these symptoms of depression, you may experience associated symptoms of depression, including:

Aches and pains
Constant worry
Dwelling on negative thoughts
Constantly turning things over in your mind
If you experience some combination of these symptoms, you might consider giving Ganoderma a try before turning to prescription meds.

How Can Ganoderma Help Depression?
Ganoderma is a known adaptogen.  According to the University of Maryland Medical Center an adaptogen is a substance that will help your body cope with stress, either physical or mental. Ganoderma may relieve fatigue and work to enhance the health of your your immune system. These immune stimulating properties have been shown to help people deal with the physical stress of illness. As for mental stress and good mental health, Ganoderma may work to improve and alleviate symptoms of anxiety, insomnia and depression.

A 2005 study with results published in Journal of Medicinal Food showed that Ganoderma is effective in alleviating symptoms of neurasthenia, which is a condition characterized by nervous exhaustion. The study found that Ganoderma significantly improved the study subjects sense of well being as well as reducing fatigue.

But there’s more! A 2009 study published in the Evidence Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine Journal found that Ganoderma helps to protect the brain against neuron degeneration by reducing inflammatory damage. Ganoderma might be an effective and safe alternative to prescription drugs with debilitating side effects if you have symptoms of depression.

If you are having trouble with depression, why not look to Mother Nature’s medicine cabinet for Ganoderma, the King of Herbs? It might help!

Take Ganoderma can reduce cancer cells and tumor recurrence

Singapore medical report indicated: radiotherapy and chemotherapy caused direct death of one-third of cancer patients

Dr. Youpeng Huang, Director of Beijing International Anti-Aging Medical Center, pointed out that current cancer treatment around the world has based on a misunderstanding. It concentrated on the tumor cells trying every means to kill them. Radiotherapy and chemotherapy kill tumor cells, but at the same time also kill immune cells, resulting in patient’s loss of self-defense. Consequently, many patients die during the rehabilitation phase. (A medical report from Singapore indicated that radiotherapy and chemotherapy caused direct death of one-third of cancer patients.)

Human body contains necrosis as well as cancer cells. Growth of those cells is a product of the body metabolism. To overcome tumor growth depends on the prevention. It is one-sided to apply treatment by cutting out or irradiating the tumor in order to cure caner patients.

Recent study shows that early stage cancer patients can recover by radiotherapy and chemotherapy. However, mid-term or late stage patients are generally too weak after radiotherapy and chemotherapy to regain their health. The drastic treatment, in fact, frequently hastens death. Clinical investigation shows that most cancer patients are not diagnosed until in the mid or late stage. They are already suffering from the physical discomfort and compromised in immunity. Thus, experts advise measures to enhance general health conditions and improve immunity be taken prior to radiation therapy in order to expect the best result. It is unwise to rush into the treatment without first laying a good foundation.


Remarks: It is recommended that cancer patients take Ganoderma lucidum products at least two weeks before chemotherapy. It will effectively improve the cellular activity and minimize damage to the immune system due to chemotherapy. These effects take time. One cannot simply expect a turn-around overnight.

Recorded in the Chinese Pharmacopoeia, Ganoderma lucidum can considerably enhance the immunity. It is suitable for cancer patients on drug treatment, as well as for their post-operation recuperation.

Polysaccharides, the active substances of Ganoderma lucidum, enhance the growth and multiplication of the immune cells and macrophage phagocytosis. At the same time, they can activate lymphocyte generating stimulating factors to break down telomerase activity in and accelerate the death of the cancer cells. Ganoderma triterpenes, on the other hand, can promote human metabolism and detoxification function, as well as inhibit the growth and metastasis of cancer cells. It also help improve appetite and reduce side effects caused by medication.

Macrophage phagocytosis

Ganoderma lucidum is a treasure that has received increasing attention by the medical community worldwide. As it is said, prevention is better than cure. Granoderma product can do just that for you!

Editor: Jacky,  Fujian Xianzhilou